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The Hispanic/Latino community continues to grow and has specific preferences, especially when it comes to medical attention and health care. To assist with these preferences, our Latino Health SolutionsSM department has created PlanBien®, a program designed to provide bilingual health information and services in Spanish and English, to meet the health care needs of Hispanic/Latino families, their employers, and the brokers and consultants who work with them.

With PlanBien® we bring together all the bilingual plan management and health management information that UnitedHealthcare develops to help our members better engage with their health plan

In summary, PlanBien® offers:

  • A comprehensive set of value-added materials, resources and services to help educate and activate members regarding their health behaviors
  • Focused on the language and cultural needs of Hispanics
  • Available to support and wrap-around all UHC products
  • Provided at no cost to the employer or member
  • With bilingual (Spanish-English) health information, education and service capabilities that differentiate UHC from all other carriers


  • Summary: Same networks, same benefits, same pricing, but with enhanced Hispanic-focused services that make it easier to appropriately use UHC health plans with a cultural and language service offering.

In addition to many items in Spanish on our general market portal, we maintain a Hispanic-focused online presence within that portal ( that highlights bilingual information on learning about insurance, wellness, lifestyle and fitness topics, and innovative animated fotonovelas to engage members in their health and the health of their families.

Bilingual information on how to use your insurance

Online articles in English and Spanish include:

Over 600 pages of health and wellness articles in English and Spanish, many of them focused on the needs and perspectives of Latinos (e.g., Prevalence of diabetes among Latinos, how a Latino family discusses health topics at home, etc.). We also have podcasts in Spanish and English that members can listen to on their phone while on the go (taking public transportation to work, for example).

Animated Fotonovelas in both English and Spanish on the topics of diabetes, hypertension, nutrition, physical activity, depression, and smoking cessation. These fotonovelas are based on a tried and true learning tool that has been used in Spanish-speaking countries for many years, the printed fotonovela, but now enhanced with animation and available on smartphone, other mobile devices, or computers. The fotonovelas have a printed companion piece to reinforce learning.

Bilingual Customer Service.

Our Advocate4Me team maintains Spanish-certified teams designated Latino Health solutions teams to serve our Spanish-need or Spanish-preference members. These teams are culturally and linguistically competent and are trained to know the common questions and hesitations that Hispanics may have about using their health insurance. These teams handle over 150,000 calls in Spanish each year. They also serve to provide internal interpreter service for UHC call centers that do not have their own Spanish-dedicated teams.

Online Access

Hispanics are the fastest growing users of digital communications and watch more hours of video online than other segments of the population. We leverage that in innovative ways:

Advertising on Hispanic Media to encourage engagement:

  • We engage our Hispanic members and the community with attractive, Hispanic-focused ads available both in Spanish and English, on topics such as using NurseLine and Virtual Visits.